Hult Prize Event



Hult Prize Event

Hult Prize Event
Along with the activities of our Career Development Center (CDC), this year, for the first time, Sulaimani University had the opportunity to attend the international competition (Hult Prize), under the supervision of (Hult) and (UN) organizations. Every year, this international competition takes place by attending nearly 2000 universities among (121) countries worldwide to choose the best entrepreneurship idea. The focus of this year competition is about improving the (international food system).The person , with the best idea will receive one million dollar from America so as to let the winner start up his/her business.
Today, 08/12/2020, with the presence of Dr Peshraw Hama jan Aziz, the vice president for students affairs, and dr . Kawa Muhammad Ameen Vice president for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, along with the participation of 8 teams consisting (31) students, as on its first stage it was held in the Sulaimany university campus. The best entrepreneurship concept was selected among the students by a justice committee, the members of this committee included (dr. Najih Sameen Ahmed,from college of commerce, administration department., dr. Sirwan Ahmad Mam Rashid from agriculture college/food science department, Dawur Foad technology general director of (Plus the edge) company, and mr. Ameer Sardar Kwekha Rasheed,the director of Career Development Center (CDC) of Sulaimani university. (Rawan) team became the winner of this competition. Students in this team were (Zhilan Dara, Aseen Fahmi, Wizhdan Ibrahim, and Sana Danial).They presented their entrepreneurship idea in English language.
Looking forward to prepare this champion team for a scientific trip for the final stage which will be held in Turkey in March.

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