CDC Goals

Our Goals

1- Launching our CDC: one of the main goals of our CDC is to inform our stakeholders that our CDC has been established and they should have all the information and knowledge out our centre.

2- Development and Support: one of the main goals of our CDC is to support , improve and promote our students by providing them the tools and skills that they need to enhance their employability after their graduation such as interview skills and C.V writing.

3- Preparing Graduated Students for The Market: Our CDC at the Sulaimani university aims to prepare our students in order to discover their career-related purposes in the market and then reduce the gap between the university and the market

4- Providing Core Services with High Quality: our CDC offers a wide range of outstanding career development services and facilities for our students, alumni, and employers as well as selected services for faculty and staff.

5- Building Relationships and Engagement: exploring and building sustaining and effective relations with our stakeholders in order to provide job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni at the university of Sulaimani and then engage our students with employers and practical opportunities that help them reaching their professional goals in the future

6- Empowerment: empower our students applying their education and experiences in excellence and high quality toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime.

7- Social Responsibility and Economic Growth: our CDC has a responsibility for preparing and finding jobs for its students and reduce the average of unemployment
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